Behind the Brand

My geese, Shelia a toulouse and Latisha an African goose have become something of my muse, my goosey muse.

It began after ​a failed attempt at convincing my mother to let me and my sister adopt a goose as a pet, we took matters into our own hands. We sent off our savings to a local farm and mail-ordered two baby geese (That apparently is a thing).


The plan was to convince our mother they were abandoned ducklings, found by chance in need of a loving home. As month after month went by, it soon became obvious they were entirely too large to be ducks and we were ousted at last. But by that time it was too late, they were a part of the family.

They kept me company during my first years learning to blacksmith and in a way pushed me to keep going. It seemed fitting to have them represent Firekeeper Forge. 


They now live happily at home with my mother in California and are still a never-ending source of companionship... and honking...