Production Schedule

October 1st-Noon Pacific Time


Culinary Knives

2, Serbian Chefs Knives (Updated Design)

2, Sets, of 2 Integral Steak Knives

2, Integral Paring Knives

2, 8" Chefs Knives

2, 6" Chefs Knives

4 Serrated Bread Knives (New Design)

2 Cleavers

Outdoor Knives

4, Harpoon EDC's

4, Belt Knives (New Design)

2, Yeti 2.0 (Updated Design

Price, Specs, and Options Coming Soon


2, 6lb Splitting Mauls

2, 1lb Camp Hatchets

2, 3lb Felling Axes

2, 1lb Carving Axes(New Design)

2, Tomahawks(New Design)

November 5th
Products Still TBD

December 10th Christmas Special Production Run

I am planning on taking the winter off from work, so this will be the final run for a few months.