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The Kingfisher is designed to be an EDC/Fighter blade. It is the smallest blade you'd want for a self-defense scenario but is still strong enough for everyday use. It is crafted with a clip point for extra durability on the tip and an ergonomic handle that pairs well with the balance of the blade. 

  • SIZE

    5 inch Blade with a 5 inch Handle


    CruForge V Carbon Steel is specifically designed for rugged use, is easy to sharpen and stays sharp longer than other steels.


    My warranty is for life. I am happy to repair, re-handle, and perform general touch ups to your blade. My knives are intended to be used and taken care of appropriately. They are not intended to be abused or used out of their conventional range of capabilities. Damage out of the range of normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty. If your tool is being used as intended, and taken care of properly it will last a lifetime.


    If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase, please contact me directly so we can work out what needs to be corrected.


    I try to use all recycled, and biodegradable materials for all my packaging. I usually ship via USPS and provide tracking information to the customer. Shipping costs are built into the price of the item you are purchasing.