If I were to only have one chef knife, I would choose this one. It is the perfect size to handle most general purpose things, and feels amazing in the hand. This particular blade is fully forged from 01 tool steel, and features a stunning Lingum Vatae wood handle. Lignum Vatae is a crazy hard, and durable wood, that will ozidize green overtime. 


Steel- 01 High Carbon Tool Steel

Blade Length- 6"

Handle-Fully Integral Bolster

Handle Materiel- Lignum Vatae Wood, with Micarta and Brass Spacer

Handle Length- 4 3/4"


NOTE- I grind my chefs knives to be very thin, and extreemly sharp at the edge. This particular blade should not be used for any heavy chopping, such as opening coconuts, or hacking through bone.


Integral Bolster Chefs Knife

  • My warranty is for life. I am happy to repair, re-handle, and perform general touch ups to your blade. My knives are intended to be used and taken care of appropriately. They are not intended to be abused or used out of their conventional range of capabilities. Damage out of the range of normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty. If your tool is being used as intended, and taken care of properly it will last a lifetime.

  • If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase, please contact me directly so we can work out what needs to be corrected.

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