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Weather you belt carry, or neck carry, this blade will be a wonderful edc.


52100/Mild San Mai

2 1/8 " Blade

Ringed Gidgee with black micarta bolster

3 1/2" Handle

Comes with a wood/leather hybrid sheath


I make the sheaths pretty tight when they ship out so they wear into having the perfect tension. Please be aware it make take a week or two for the sheath to wear in. Graspint the wood/leather transition portion of the sheath firmly, and gently wiggling the knife is the safest way to remove in during the break in period.


The wood and leather transition may have some movement in it when the knife is not present. This is normal, and not a point of concern. The leather is wet formed into a groove into the wood, so will not come up. It is also further secured with the thread lashing. Please reach out if you have any questions.

EDC-Ringed Gidgee #1

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