All purpose protectant, intended to rejuvenate and protect wood. Board Balm has a higher oil continent to soak in and nourish wood. This product is food safe, and made with the best ingredients.


To use, make sure surface is clean and has had a few hours to properly dry. Apply a medium coat of Board Balm to the wood, and leave to let soak into the wood. After a few hours wipe off excess and your good to go! For the longevity of your wood item, regularly apply, epically when wood looks dull and 'thirsty'. This is intended to help protect wood, and your wood item should be cleaned after use, and should not be soaked in water.


Product will melt if exposed to heat.

Board Balm 4oz

  • To reduce the amount of glass being thrown away you can send this jar back to me and it can be refilled for a discounted price of $5. Please include your return address, name, and product desired.

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