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This is my first ever Mosaic Damascus Blade to be available. The Basket Weave pattern takes days to make, but the results speak for themselves. I am very proud of this piece, and it is a mile stone in my work as a smith. The steels comprise of layers of 52100 and 15n20 high carbon steel. The big brass guard protects from slippage towards the razor sharp edge. Working our way to the handle, it features a hand shaped piece of Arizona Desert Ironwood, which I collected my self. Strap it on your belt, or keep in in your study to fondle when you get bored. This knife will treat you well in all situations.


5 1/8” blade length

4 5/8” handle length

52100/15n20 basket weave Damascus blade

Brass Guard

Arizona Ironwood Handle

Veg Tan Leather Sheath

Basket Weave Mosaic Damascus Hunter

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